Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back to the Lake

We are such creatures of habit.  We decided to go to the Lake for this weekend, and perhaps Monday or more.

That puts us into the routine, that we have gone thru over and over.  Packing and loading the car.  Changing the car in the garage for the one we are going to drive, and so forth.  But after all the scurrying around we were on the road by about 1:00.  Now why it takes until after lunch to get all organized is a mystery, but that is how it is.

We got here about 4:30 and the house was hotter than hatties inside, but it was only 75 outside.  Doors and windows open and the hot quickly was exchanged for cooler outside air, and we were off to go get Barbeque at Bandana’s.  Again the regular first day routine.  Dinner was really good and I feel like a balloon, but that is about normal.  We always order the luncheon plate, even at night, since the dinner is too big for us, ahh senior citizens.

Tonight I had to catch up on the computer, and Farm Town, since I am now totally hooked on this time waster.  Why, is a mystery to me, as there is really no point to the game other than make your farm pretty.  You have to farm to earn money and experience points to be able to buy stuff to go on your farm.  I’m not sure what makes you the winner.  I guess when you reach the last level and have all the experience points and money to buy a mansion.

Loyce had been watching an old movie on the TV.  Grease from 1978.  Old music from years ago, it is kind of fun, but the plot is non existent.

But we are at the lake and will more than likely go out in the pontoon tomorrow.

Retired Rod

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