Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow is it that late?

Today started with a thunderstorm at 5:30 AM. The wind blew and it lasted for several hours. I finally went back to sleep as the storm was lifting, and then was gone to the world.

Fast forward to 9:30! Wow is it that late? Yep! Oh my! But it is Sunday and none of the kids will be coming today, so we started really slow.

Seemed like that was the theme of the day, really slow. It continued to rain off and on well into the afternoon. Loyce called her sister and stayed on the phone for almost all afternoon. Sure hope the Sunday free plan is in force on that one. LOL

I blog read and have finally caught myself up with most of the blogs. I messed around on Farm Town, and we all met on Dee’s farm for a social session, that is until another friend jumped in and asked me to harvest her cyber crops. You would think it was the real thing. Not a silly game!

Tonight we had some supper and I became engrossed in the TV. I never watch TV.

Oh well, perhaps tomorrow I can get the scooter back out and see something besides the four walls of this house.

Retired Rod

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