Friday, July 17, 2009

Out and about

The day started out sunny and hot.  Fearing the afternoon heat, I charged out and spent two hours mowing and all the rest that goes with yard work.  I was hot and killed when I came back in.

So as we approached the noon hour, the clouds rolled in and it began to cool down.  I thought the rain would start as it was that dark, but it didn’t.  I gave up on a scoot ride, and took the car.

I drove South down to Louisburg.  This is only 10 miles or so down highway 69.  I thought someone said there was a RV Park down there, but I could never find it.

I did look at the trucks in the Ford Dealership, just to see if that special one was there, that I couldn’t live without.  It didn’t jump out at me.  They had the new cars and trucks barricaded off so you had to park and walk thru them.  It was raining and I didn’t get out of the car.  No salesman came out of the building despite me driving really slow around the perimeter of the lot.

Most times, if you show any interest at all you are barraged with salesmen wanting to help you.  Not there.

From there I drove over or Hillsdale Lake.  This is back West  on Hwy 169.  It is an Army Core of Engineers lake, but the park is a State Park.  Boo hiss!  They require a sticker that costs $25 or some such amount just to enter.


This is from the top of the dam.  It is not too large and becomes shallow quite quickly.


I held the camera out the window while driving, and there was a guy behind me that was perturbed.


Thru the rain spattered windshield, the dam is quite long, but there was almost no water coming out of the out flow.  I looked, but decided it was so inconsequential that it didn’t warrant the drive down the back side to get a picture.

From there I went to a motorcycle apparel store in Spring Hill.  In the old bank building downtown.  They had a lot of stuff, boots, helmets, gloves, and expensive clothing of all sorts.  They were friendly and I may have to order some stuff.  You know how that goes.

With these motor bikes, the stuff costs just as much as the bike itself.  But you can’t be a cowboy unless you get an outfit!  If you get an outfit, you can be a cowboy too!

Tonight we hung around the house, computering. Even Loyce was up in her office looking at email.

Retired Rod

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