Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today was not a happy day at our house. We lost our pet Bichon dog Brandy.

She came to live with us back at Christmas time in 1994, and was approaching 15 years old. She has struggled with life this last year, and her passing is a relief for her.

We almost lost her back in 2005 as she had a bladder stone the size of a golf ball, and had to have surgery to remove it. The surgery was not successful, and she had to endure the second surgery only several days later to repair the first surgery. We thought she was gone at that time, but she lived on.


This is a picture of her in October, 2005, it is in the front of the car we purchased at that time. While over 10 at that time, she was still vibrant and very much so the playful puppy she had always been.

Our three year old grand daughter has always been overly attached to Brandy, and does not know that she has passed. Even though Brandy went blind in the last year, Delaney would lead her throughout the house, calling her name as she went. Explaining her loss will be a hard one for sure.

She had many depths to her personality, and could be perturbed with you for disturbing her.


She was an integral part of our family, and will be mourned for a long time.

Retired Rod


  1. Your blog is beautiful, my thoughts are very good Congratulations

  2. Rest in Peace Brandy....you deserve it...
    thinking about you both Rod.....


  3. Very sorry to hear about Brandy. As pet lovers, our thoughts are with you. We are all much better people for once having known & felt the love of our pets. Max, Checkers, & our little Motormouse send their special thoughts & feelings to Brandy......AL

  4. Sending you lots of loving, positive thoughts..... we know how hard it is to lose such a special friend. Doug, JoAnn & Fillmore

  5. Very sorry for your loss, I know Brandy was an important part of your family. We lost our 14 yr. old cockapoo, Mo, in March of this year. All I can say is, it was hard, but time does heal and today all we have is great memories of his life with us.

  6. Bobbiecat, and I send our sympathy to y'all. We are so sorry. We lost our little doggie friend to cancer in Feb. 2006. It does get better with time. Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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