Monday, July 20, 2009

On the Water

I was reading a forum and lost complete sense of time.  It is after midnight, and Loyce went to bed.  I however, being the computer geek, still sit up waiting for the crow or something like that.  LOL

We spent the day out on the water in the pontoon boat. We boated up the Gravois Mills arm of the Lake, all the way to the end.  Well until the water started to be under 10 feet deep, which sets off the depth alarm on the sounder.

Since it also alarms me, that I might accidentally run into the bottom unexpectedly, I turn around and get to deeper water.

The day was beautiful, and sunny. The temperature was in the lower 80’s, which was just perfect.   We will not have any better days on the water than today.  It would have been a little cool if we were in swimming, but we were not.

We got back to the dock and I spent the better part of another hour using a goo gone product removing spider spots from the white vinyl upholstery.  I think is is patio furniture cleaner, but that may not be exactly correct.

Some of the black spots stain the vinyl so badly that even this product cannot remove them.  I haven’t found a product that will either.  Unfortunately.

Tonight we went into town and had roast beef sandwiches at Arby’s.  We are at a loss for a more creative meal, and have been to most all the restaurants, and are quite bored with the lot.

We will most likely pack up and head back to KC in the morning.  I will have to deal with the 26 foot long mooring cover and its ten thousand snaps before we can leave.  This usually puts me in a bad mood.  Especially if it is hot.  Perhaps an early start would help.

Retired Rod

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  1. Just a thought but have you tried a Mr. Clean sponge? Always worth a try!


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