Thursday, July 2, 2009

To the lake and Canada Day!

I never know what to write about on days that we drive to Lake Ozark. It is so mundane, covering the same old route that you drove over last week or the week before. But this is the big 4th of July holiday, so lets look alive now.

But first I must say Happy Canada Day, to my readers from North of that little border between us. And make note, that us folks down here do know a tiny bit about our neighbors from the North. (Not too Much Though)

As an accountant I had a company office in Ontario, and had to deal with Revenue Canada. Boy that was a thing to behold. And I thought the IRS here in the states could send out notices. Hey, they aren’t even warmed up compared to Du Revenue! And always in those brown recycled paper envelopes, that stood out from all the other mail screaming, your in trouble now. Even the mail man knows. LOL

We got here, and all was well, just like we left it. But I set the AC at 90, so it doesn’t run much, but keeps the house from being blazing hot when we open it. But 90 seemed way hot this afternoon, as it was about 87 outside.

We brought Ema with us, to help lighten the load when Ben and Danielle come tomorrow. Besides, she already got to swim in the lake, and go to the barbecue. She had her hot dog and fries, and a large lemonade! And a refill!

Then she came home and got into grandpa’s sugar free chocolate ice cream. She doesn’t seem to know the difference from the sugar kind. I’m not going to tell.

So that was our day, and tomorrow we will have to clean on the dock and boat to get presentable for guests. At least when we were renting boats last week we didn’t have to start by cleaning them up!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Thanks for the Canada Day salute! I know what you mean about Revenue Canada - they're know fun for us either!


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