Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dealing with storage, and loading outside bins

The loading in mostly done, and the storage lot is all reserved for the big blue moose.

This morning I went to the lot and explained that the travel trailer was gone forever, and I needed to transfer to the long spot that I had reserved. They did the paper work, and I am moved.

This afternoon, when I brought the Motor Home, the site I rented was occupied with other vehicles. Go figure.

So I just picked a spot at random and parked. We will have to go straighten it all out in the morning, since they were closed. Hopefully the fellow that rented the space three over will not come back tonight.

I went to Wal mart and bought some plastic bins to put stuff into. I had big sliding bins in the Jayco as an option, and that spoiled me. Here you just have locker doors, and if you pile things very high, it falls to the ground when you open the door.

So I spent the afternoon sorting and arranging bin by bin.

I did spend some time reading the owners manuals for the freightliner chassis. Specifically the Allison transmission. Its push button automatic, and has 6 forward gears. You can control how many of the gears you want to use, like 1-4 and then hold in 4th.

If you were out in the country, you could play around and see how it all works, but not here in Kansas City. The traffic requires full time attention. An eight and one half foot wide thirty eight foot long truck doesn’t mix in traffic too well. Especially if your messing around with gears and knobs, rather than driving.

We are thinking of going over to the Core of Engineers park by Lawrence, to have a shake down overnighter. See if we can make all the systems work. Would hate to start out cold turkey and find the water pump didn't work, or the water heater. Haven’t asked the reefer to get cold yet either.

This might be an early night to bed, since this has all caught up with me.

Retired Rod

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