Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rain made our decision

We started the day with rain, lots of it.  It seemed to rain sideways.  At least it was blowing into the screen porch.  The router with the verizon air card in its side, was on the table, in the porch.  It was getting wet, before I rescued it.

The distance to the cell tower must be across the lake, as the aircard works best when outside.  We have snail pace 1x speed here at the lake.  But it is internet that I pay for.  Otherwise we have to join an open router, that we have no idea who is providing.

It is fairly common to find these hot spots all over the lake, as many folks leave them open for the boaters.  We have used them for many years, but the air card works more reliably.  It doesn’t fade and has that blazing 1x speed.  Just a shade faster than dial up.  Maybe.

It wasn’t even a decision, with all this rain, we are going to KC.  So packing and cleaning commenced. We left about 12:30.  The trip back to KC was rainy all the way.  We stopped at a Subway for lunch, and it was pouring as I ran across the parking lot for the covered sidewalk. Loyce waited in the car.

It did stop raining as we approached the city, and was dry when we got home. 

I spent the next 3 hours running the pressure washer here, cleaning the black car up to be hid back in the garage.  Well then the scooter needed to be washed as it had gotten dirty in the rain last week at Olathe Lake.  When I hid in the Wal Mart waiting for it to stop.  Another subway sandwich, if I remember right.

Well then lets blow off the Toyota too, and it became almost dark.

So that was our day, another routine trip back to town.

Retired Rod

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