Saturday, July 11, 2009


No motor scooter riding today, since it started to rain about 5:30 in the morning. On Fridays the neighborhood garbage pickup is scheduled. So everyone had all their stuff out on the curb.

And the wind came up with the beginning of the storm. Cans blew over with a crash, and trash went everywhere. Ours stayed put, so, so did I. Looking out the window from the upstairs front bedroom. It took the longest time to get back to sleep.

The rain never completely stopped all day. I buried myself in the internet and the farm town game. Funny how that little game can be so addictive. It has no real point, and you will never meet the people you interact with so why bother.

Get more coins and level up higher. I guess. Don’t start the game.

Mid afternoon I went to the local RV dealer and looked at a motorhome that has been there for some period of time. Now with a reduced price, but we didn’t come to any conclusion, except that it would be nicer and worth the price if it was cleaner.

Tonight we went to Red Robin hamburger, with our daughter in law and her two girls. Our son Chris is out of town and has been for a 10 day period with his job. We hope we provided some company for her as she is not used to having him gone this much.

A dreary day, but then we did play with the grand daughter so not a bad day after all.

Retired Rod

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