Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

We had a good family day here at the Lake. We put the jet ski in the lake in the morning, and Ben gave rides to all the kids.

By mid day we all loaded up in the pontoon boat and headed out, up river away from the dam. It had become overcast and looked like it might rain, but we ignored that.

That lasted for about an hour before it began to sprinkle. I had stayed purposely close to our end of the lake just in case that happened. We did get rained on for a while, but made it back without a serious drenching.

The dock has a roof over the boat and over a square bar table, with high stools. So we hung under the roof for the rest of the afternoon. It rained off and on but Ben fished a little and the kids went up for a nap.

Tonight, we headed in for a couple of pizzas and some sodas. Again we go to a Saint Louis style shop called IMO’s. It is thin crust with provolone cheese and not as filling.

But coming home we had brownie sundaes, so that shot the thought of not as filling. At least I had sugar free ice cream. And sugar free chocolate syrup, but I snitched a little of the brownie. Can’t be totally good all the time. LOL

We shot off a few fire works as it was dark by now and had a proper July 3, preparty.

Tomorrow night we will go to the formal fireworks at a local Lodge with the pontoon boat. So that will be the big deal for the Fourth.

Retired Rod

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  1. Happy 4th of July and enjoy tonight's celebrations!


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