Friday, July 31, 2009

CO/LP detector update

We are in Cedar Ridge COE campground, which is one of the campgrounds that make up the Bloomington complex here at Clinton Lake, Kansas. The little town here is Clinton.

We stayed overnight, and now have one night in our new rig.

Update on the CO,LP detector. Beep! It beeped all the way over here and for an hour or two after we arrived. The fuse box wasn't labeled enough to pull the fuse, or know which one it might be, so my trusty side cutters snipped the power wire.

What I failed to explain in my hurried post before we left yesterday, was that I made arrangements to have a new CO sensor shipped overnight, and I will have to cut the wires to remove the old one and send it in as defective.

I am an old electrician from our family's days as an electronic supply house in the 50's and 60's. I was also a construction electrician in the US Navy SeaBee's during my stint in Viet Nam. More recently I have passed all the Ham Radio exams and hold an Extra grade license.

This explanation is merely to suffice, that cutting the wire is no big deal to me. As long as I understand what I am disabling and the consequences. The LP gas is not connected to the sensor, as we had gas water heater, gas refrigerator, and gas cook top all still functional after the dirty deed with the side cutters.

Now plumber, on the other hand, is obviously not my forte. I connected the water hose, and carefully selected the valve setting, to see if the water inside worked. In about 10 minutes, I had a knock at the door, from the neighbor stressing that water was pouring from a port on the front of the coach next to the door. Yikes-----and no I didn't know it.

You can fill the water tank from the city connection by changing a valve setting underneath, and I had somehow selected to do that. I was pressurizing a non pressure tank. It didn't rupture in the process, thanks to my neighbor camper! So now I look like the village idiot, around here. Good thing we are headed out after I post this.

The only other thing we have that refuses to work, is one of the burners on the cook top will not light with the ignitor.

I am having trouble staying connected! Bye!

Retired Rod

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  1. Maybe if you could re-route that wayward water line through your propane tank & hook it into that non functioning stove burner you could at least boil some water to put your noodles in.....


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