Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Never got around to leaving.

Well we thought we would go home today, but perhaps a quick boat ride would be nice.

Once out on the water it was in the early 80’s and the wind was only a nice breeze. We boated off down the lake to a condo down around the 11 mile mark.

This is where our friends Jack and Connie have a condo and boat slip. We pulled in just to see if they might be around, and low and behold, they were!

Jack was one of my co workers at the brokerage firm where we both worked for a number of years. Well, I think Jack was born there, but I put in 12 years there as well, up to my 2006 retirement.

Oh we had to tell so many stories and sat a long time out on their screened patio. The boats were going by, and the soda was cold, and we overstayed our welcome, since we had just happened by. But Jack and Connie were special hosts, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Thanks folks!

So then we couldn’t decide what to do next, but since we were that far down the lake, why not get some early dinner, lunch, what ever! So we went to Ozark Bar B Que.

This is a Que joint that has been on the West side of the lake since we first came here years ago. We watched it grow and change hands, but the original sauce is still the attraction. They have onion rings that come out in a galvanized bucket, and we ate everyone of them.

The pulled pork sandwich has just the right amount of sauce and smoky flavor. I was stuffed. And of course the wife declared we needed some bottles of their sauce to take home. As gifts!!!! Well maybe she will give them away. The first ingredient on the label is sugar, so perhaps I should encourage the gift process. They will tempt me way too much if they stay here.

When we got back home, it was almost 6 PM. I’m not too sure where we boated to, but it was a leisurely trip, so it was way too late to go to Kansas City.

Tonight we headed into Wal-Mart for a quart of milk, and some other stuff, since we have to have breakfast again tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow we will go back to KC, but then the cover isn’t on the boat yet!

Retired Rod


  1. Now that the painting is done it's time to enjoy the lake house! No rushing back to the city!

  2. We are on the hook to babysit during this week, but that is a nice thought!


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