Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Driving Home

Tioga George Titled today’s post as Something's Happening.  He states that something is happening everyday no matter what.  It is just up to us to find how to describe it and report on it.

That is a good thought, but sometimes it isn’t apparent what that something happens to be!  So today I am struggling to report on something.

I did spend about an hour down on the dock this morning, covering the pontoon boat.   It has this massive tarp like cover that has a zillion snaps.  I does go right on, but with only one guy, there is a lot of side to side running in order to get the center pegs standing up in the middle.  In the morning sun it was a hot job.

It was another of those travel days where we commute back to Kansas City.  It is a leisurely drive thru the country side.  Rural Missouri is very beautiful, but not much changes.  The same old junk truck is parked behind the same old junk store.  We’ve see it a thousand times.

But the corn crop is shoulder tall and is tasseling in some fields.  Since we have had rain right along, the crop should be made by now.  This will help the local farmers around here.  All the farmers were out in their fields making hay.  Some were bailing straw from the wheat that was harvested recently. 

We got home and I decided to get the power washer out and wash the BMW, as it was covered in bugs.  Since it is kind of a collectors car and not driven too often, I need to get those critters off before they become concrete, and won’t come off.

So then I washed the Toyota too, and the day slipped away.  The truck is still dirty from last weeks jaunt to Branson, but I ran out of energy before the work ended.

And now my eyelids are out of energy so I will end this right here.

Retired Rod

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