Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another fast paced day

The big Blue Moose, is still sitting out in the street in front of our house. It never moved all day. A brand new toy, and it was only started to make the generators run.

But remember that we had sold the Jayco Travel Trailer on Sunday, and we are supposed to deliver today. So that was priority right from the start. I had a ham antenna on the roof of the trailer, and it needed to come off.

At about 9 AM, I packed the ladder and tools and headed for the storage lot. Several things had to happen before the delivery. We decided to throw in a matching table and lamp that we used in the back of the trailer. So that was hauled back. The antenna was removed, and I went thru to make sure we had everything.

I never got back to the house, and the new owner was on the phone informing me he was on his way. We had not set a time, but the time was now. I needed Loyce’s signature on the back of the title, and then headed back for the storage lot.

The delivery went smoothly, and the trailer hitched to his Chevy Suburban nicely. He was having troubles with his brake controller, but I stayed out of that. I had the cashiers check, and he had the title. I let them out of the locked storage lot. I watched, as they pulled the Jayco out of sight to the North.

Not that I don’t have a brand new Motor Home, waiting, but the trailer has become a good friend in the last two years, and I hope they will have good luck with her too.

Then the cold steely side of me took over and I drove the checks directly to the bank. I want them in today’s business. Collect the funds quickly, the old accountant in me mused.

Once home, I found my son Chris here, looking the new Motor Home over from top to bottom. We spent about an hour, going thru what we knew, and what I need to learn.

But it was getting on in the afternoon, and I needed to get over to the DMV. I arrived about 2:45 and learned that the ticket I pulled was about 90 numbers away from the one they were serving. Dang, this place is always like that.

I waited for an hour, gnashing at the bit. Patients was never my long suit. Finally I made it to the window, and into the looming trouble of explaining why a 2008 vehicle had never been registered.

Yes this is the manufactures statement of origin. Yes there are two of them since the chassis was made by one company as an incomplete vehicle, and the second from Tiffin where the motorhome was manufactured.

No it has never been placed in service even though it has 981 miles on it since it weighs 20,000 lbs empty, it cannot be shipped, but must be driven here from the factory. Finally I paid over ten grand for a license plate. That was mostly sales tax at almost 8 percent. Wow.

Once back home, I installed the expensive plate on the back, and went after the RV dealer’s tacky looking name sticker. The predominate color of the rig is really dark blue, while this name badge is white and green. The Goo Gone softened the glue, and it came off mostly intact.

We don’t have front license plates here in Kansas, but the dealership had a green plastic plate up there too, with their name on it. Its in the trash now too.

All the grandkids showed up tonight, and tracked wet grass all over in the new rig, but grandma lets them get away with it. I would have been killed, of course.

What a day! I never did get back over to the storage place to register all the documents with them so the rig can actually be placed into the lot. Plus, they are not aware the travel trailer is not coming back.

But then I have to have something to do tomorrow, Right?

Retired Rod

My friend Lowell from Des Moines, documented our delivery process while we were doing the walk thru at the RV dealer in Des Moines.

IMGP0502 IMGP0503 IMGP0505 IMGP0504


And in here we find the sewer connections!


I filled the propane tank all the way up.


IMGP0509 IMGP0510

Note the awful green dealer plate.

IMGP0511 IMGP0515

IMGP0514 IMGP0516

IMGP0517 IMGP0518

IMGP0519 IMGP0520




Are you tired yet? I couldn’t absorb much more, and we still had to drive it to KC!


  1. Looks good! Now you can join all the other Tiffin owners at Red Bay campground!

  2. What a great looking MH! CONGRATULATIONS! I agree with Sandra, everyone seems to meet up in Red Bay!

  3. Aah isn't their warranty period over now? Ya only get a year with Tiffin. Jayco was two, but they wouldn't do anything. Was like having none!


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