Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We take delivery.

What a long day! Its 11:45 and I am beat. We left at about 9 and arrived at the dealership about 1:30.

We spent about 3 hours going thru all the stuff on the coach. I have no idea what all I was shown. My head is spinning. When I was flying, the Cessna and Piper airplanes were not as complicated as this Motor Home.

At a little after 4, we started back to KC. We were home at 8:30, but have studied stuff ever since. Still I am not sure I can run it all. I just need to sleep on it and see how much I really remember in the morning.

The rig drives nicely, for a 26,000 lb truck. You are seated level with the semi drivers, and can look them in the eye as they pass. They have many more liters of engine that this little 6 banger. They just fly past you.

We had about 30 gallons of fuel in the tank when we left and used about 20 of it coming home. That is about ten miles per gallon. I was driving 65 or more, and at times 70. Which is the speed limit. Of course the cars were flying past since speed limits were not intended for them.

I filled in Kansas City just North of the downtown. I put in 70 gallons for $161. That was at $2.29 / gallon.

All and all it seems like a good piece of equipment. Time will tell.

Retired Rod

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