Monday, July 6, 2009

The day after!

It was barely 70 this morning, as the rain and overcast continued. This was not to detour our guests, as the kids were out and into the lake as fast as their parents would allow.

The rain subsided, and the jet ski became the hot item of play, as Ben their dad was the tour bus driver. All too quickly it became afternoon, and they had to depart for Kansas City.

So with one more wall in the bedroom that needed paint from last weeks project, I set out to get it completed.

This was no small task, as the old water bed frame was against that wall, and needed to be moved. I spent the rest of the afternoon on this project. The room has a cathedral ceiling, and an extension ladder had to be placed where the bed was in order to reach the trim. I rolled the rest with a long handle extension, only once tangling the roller in the ceiling fan, which splattered pain all over the room.

Ah the joys of painting!

As I write this it is 68 degrees outside, with 84 % humidity. Cool and drippy! I wonder what happened to that 100 degree stuff I was complaining about last week in Branson.

Retired Rod

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