Thursday, July 9, 2009

A rainy afternoon in KC

The day started sunny, and about 90 degrees, so at the suggestion of my dear wife, I went out and mowed the yard. A hot task, but in the shaded areas of the yard the grass was tall.

I came back inside, and spent some time on blogs and facebook. Which caused it to begin to rain. But the rain seemed to be South of us. And passed by fairly quickly. The storm did pass over another of the RV Dreams members house to the West of here and caused some damage. Trees down, and loss of electricity. So I am concerned about how that will work out for them. One of the trees was on their house.

As the clouds cleared, I decided to go scooter riding! After several miles I passed the Overland Park Arboretum. I turned around and parked.

They bill this as their lake, but it is more like a large pond.


The lake is behind the visitor’s center, as are many flower gardens. I only had the cell phone, so taking pictures of flowers is for another day and better equipment.

The trails are mostly hard surfaced, and stretch for several miles. It was hot and steamy after the rain. The bugs were relentless.


A walking path with foot bridge in the distance. You could hear the water fall and babbling of the stream as you approached.


The stream is the outflow of the lake in the first picture, and falls over a man made or should I say enhanced creek bed.


The sun was mostly low in the West and most of these pictures are into the sun. The blackberry camera struggled.


The ground is landscaped, with wood chips by the ton. They have a sculpture display for the summer months and this is one of them. Note the bench to rest and admire the art. ??? Eyes of the beholder.


The concrete paths go everywhere, and even armed with a map, I was somewhat confused. The lake is upstream from here, with several flower gardens in between.


The pools are man made, but appear almost natural.


It was about 94 in the afternoon sun, and the humidity was at least 75 percent. I sat for a while on a bench under a shade tree looking at the lake in the first picture.

As it was a work day, there was almost no one around. Save for a lone grounds keeper gal, who had a nail stick and a trash bag. I asked her how people could throw trash in the gardens with such beauty. She shook her head and said that “they damage the gardens by walking on the flowers breaking them off at the ground. If only they just tossed trash, that would be a small problem!”

By now I was a bundle of perspiration, and the mosquitoes and flies were attacking. Now I know why they had several cans of OFF up at the sign in booth.

I also didn’t have any water with me, so I headed for the parking lot and the scooter. At 50 mph, the ride home was cooling, but the helmet kept me from actually becoming cooler.

It is supposed to be hotter yet tomorrow. If I go back to the Arboretum, it will be with a lot better camera, and some water.

Retired Rod

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