Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday at Lake Ozark

The same old duties at the lake.  Pressure wash the boat.  The bugs here claim anything that sits still as their home.  For some reason the dock that floats out in the water 40 feet from shore is a prime target.

I understand the mud daubers, they can fly out on the dock, but how do thousands of spiders get out there?  They were born there, and they live there and never come back to dry land.  They live in the boat, and web in the thing in two weeks.  Webs that do not wash away with the pressure washer.

Well anyway, every time we come here it is the same half day of washing the boat and dock from top to bottom.

We spent the afternoon out on the water.  We pick out different coves to go into, and see what has changed since the last time we were there.  There are over a thousand miles of shore line here, so finding new coves that you haven’t been in during the last year or more is not a problem.

The wind was out of the North, and it was not much more than 75 degrees, so it was almost cool out on the water.  But the sun was out and it was very enjoyable. 

The big boats were out in full force and caused us heavy wave action in the main channel.  Our pontoon boat bobs up and down and becomes unpleasant, if you spend too much time in the center of the lake.  So this requires more investigation of the next cove.

We came back to the dock, and got cleaned up to go to Applebee’s tonight, as something different.  This is not a place that we normally frequent, but it had a good burger, and TV’s all around the whole place.  It was fun too.

By noon tomorrow, the boating crowd will begin to head back to their respective homes.  The lake will become calm, if the wind isn’t too high.  Boating will become more pleasurable.  That will be quite alright with us.

Retired Rod

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