Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mowing and Trailer Cleaning

This morning, Loyce declared that she was mowing the lawn.  Well dear have a nice time at that.  I headed over to the storage lot and hooked up the travel trailer, and brought it home.

We had decided to go thru the entire trailer and sort out all our stuff, much of which we brought back into the sticks and bricks house to clean, decide save or not to save and so forth.

We spent a hot day out in the trailer at 93 degrees.  I only have 15 amp receptacles in the garage, and it is not enough to run the roof A/C. It makes for a hot time in a trailer in the 94 degree heat of the Kansas afternoon.

I finally drove the rig back over to the storage and parked it.  I was done for the day.  Loyce must really be killed since she walked the entire yard with the Lawn Boy.  She does not have the desire to ride the John Deere yard tractor, belly mower.  I offer, but she claims that there is no exercise from mowing with that.

Tonight we had the 4th Friday of the month ham club meeting.  It was and informative meeting, where we went thru some of the programming on the local club repeater.  The controller is programmed with touch tones, and one of the guys has built a generation system to enter the touch tones with his computer.

Afterward we all adjourned to the local Godfather’s Pizza for a Mini, Personal Pan, and much discussion.  There are several of us that are RVers as well as hams, and we were talking about trips that have been taken, of will be in the near future.

And just like that it is after midnight again.  How does that happen?

Retired Rod

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