Thursday, July 23, 2009

Maybe some plans

We spent a slow day today and really have nothing to report but the usual BS about a slow day.

Kansas is sunny and 90 like usual, and we are discussing an up coming trip to the North West of here.  We usually head out and do some late summer traveling, about the last of July or the first weeks of August. 

Once the kids have to report back to the school house, we slip out for a while.  The vacationers are mostly heading home.

We discussed a trip up to the Glacier National Park area, but have not converted any plans into reservations yet.

Need to get on the PC here and see what is available.

We laughed that we could go to Sturgis for the big motorcycle rally.  But I know for sure Loyce wouldn’t be caught dead there. 

Perhaps tomorrow will allow for clearer thinking.

Retired Rod


  1. Been wondering what that BS in you blog means. Could it be, Butterscotch Sundae or Bashfully Shy or Beautiful Sunrise or Bountiful Shrimp or Blissfully Silly or Bogus Socks or Brown Salamander or Beanbag Salad or Baseball Shorts or Brain Soup or Bull Stuff.......Hmmmmm, maybe it's got something to do with the latter.....dya think:))

  2. I'm fairly sure there aren't any bulls around here but that stuff that you refer to seems to accumulate just the same! LOL


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