Friday, July 3, 2009

Clean Clean Clean

The posting scheduler doesn't seem to work, as this was posted last night. But I'll repost it now.

This was clean up day at the lake house. We both cleaned and cleaned. But midway thru the pressure washer session, the washer stopped. Dead.

I thought it was an overheat protector in the motor, but two hours later, it still didn’t restart. I couldn’t fine a red reset button checking inside, so I declared the washer dead.

I headed into town and purchased another one like I bought last week in Home Depot. It is lighter than the one that quit, but since I had to buy two so quickly, they will have to do. I came home and finished the job.

I may take the old one apart and try to determine what is wrong, but today I needed to get the work done.

Tonight we went back into town to go to Wal Mart. We go late to avoid the tourist rush. Still the trip to town is slow during these big holiday weekends. The traffic is a zoo.

Ben and Danielle arrived late tonight, so the family thing is on for the duration.

Retired Rod

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