Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Happenings!

The only place I went today was Fry's Electronics.  Wow!  I knew this was a big place, but I wasn't really prepared to find all the electronic parts and tools and hobby equipment.  Robotic stuff and in general almost anything electronic.  Except Ham Radio stuff.  Bummer!  Oh well.

I was in need of a cable to replace the one on my digital voice outboard decoder.  They call it a dv dongle.  The cable that came with the box had given up completely.  I had wiggled it just so, for it to make connection, for the last time.  They had several cables that would work, but I purchased a retractable that was on a window shade roll up spool.  It will most likely break right at the connectors, but at least I now have a new start on breaking this one.

As I was driving back from the far West side of Tempe, on the superstition highway, it was about 4 PM on New Years Eve.  Everyone was off work and heading home for the holiday.  Traffic was heavy.  Not completely bumper to bumper, but about as bad as it gets here in the valley.  I have read several blogs about how folks hate the traffic here in Phoenix.  But I was amazed that we were moving right along at the speed limit without ever slowing down much.  I drove right back to the park without incident.  Perhaps it is because I know where we are going, that it doesn't bother us much.

We made a pork roast in our small church roaster tonight.  Complete with mashed and broccoli cheese casserole.  It was really good, and comfort type food.  Again it wasn't the most diet type of meal, but then again it is New Years Eve.

I'm sure 2009 had several firsts for us, but concentrating on the really positive stuff, we became grandparents for the fifth time this summer.  Nothing can top an addition to the family.  And then turning a negative into a positive, we were so blessed to not have been injured when we had the car accident here in the desert last February.

We were lucky enough to find a Motor Home that we felt we could afford, and sell the travel trailer on the first day it was listed.  So, 2009 was not a bad year.  I realize that many folks are out of work, and the economy is not the best, which effected us in the same fashion that it did everyone else.  But perhaps all of our financial futures will look up in the next few years.

So Happy New Year!!!!  I hope this year will be much better for all of us!  And thank you for taking your precious time to stop by this blog and check out how we are getting along.  I appreciate each and every one of you!

Retired Rod


  1. Happy New Year to you and Loyce. I've really enjoyed reading your blog this year and look forward to many great posts in 2010.

  2. It's not precious time Rod. I think it's well spent. I have learned an amazing amount of 'stuff' from these blogs I read. I think of it as quality time spent each day! Thanks!

  3. Have a great year, and I look forward to reading your blog every day.


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