Wednesday, October 8, 2008

500 points Down

My head is spinning. The stock market looses 500 points again today, and the news media is more focused about the Presidential debate. Those guys don't have an idea how to stop the losses.

So I sit here and watch the debate, and all the pundants, who have a job to do. It doesn't matter who won, or what the truth is. Makes me tired.

So today was again a day of watching the financial markets, and the nervous reactions that all the ordinary folks have. Sell, sell, sell. Since there are not enough buyers, the prices fall, fall, fall.

I didn't leave the house, all day. I did do some shoe shopping, which I must admit, was started by reading the Bayfield Bunch blog. I have been wanting new hiking shoes since we were in Colorado. Seeing Al's new shoes, started me to looking at the shoes on . Specifically the Merrell brand that he purchased.

So as one thing leads to another, I have a new pair of low quarter hiking shoes coming from Zappos. They often ship overnight, so we'll see how quick they arrive. I need the low oxford style shoes, since I have bunches of diabetic pain in my feet. I ordered wide shoes and those are hard to find locally even in a town the size of KC. I went to several web sites but no one had the wide sizes like Zappos.

Nothing new came from our day here, but I begin to wonder if we will have enough assets left to do anything descretionary like travel with our RV. Seems like everyone is traveling directly to a destination and then parking for the duration of thier time available. Gas prices will help. but will we have any money to leave in the first place?

Retired Rod

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