Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday projects

Seems like I can always find a project here at the sticks and bricks house. Loyce wanted her pumpkin decorations fixed this morning, so I busied myself with that.

She had broken the stick that goes into the ground, on one and had pulled the pumkin off the stick on a second. The first one had a yard stick like woden stick to go in the ground, and I replaced it with a 1 X 2. After cutting a point on the end to the stick, I used the air nailer to fasten the whole shebang to the new piece of wood.

The sceond pumkin had adequate wood but very poor staples that held it together. A few quick shots from the nail gun, and it was good as new.

This didn't seem like much of a project to me, but to Loyce it is really good to have them fixed. She wanted to glue the stick back together so I knew she needed help.

So after lunch I set about a new cable TV wire to the TV we set up next to the stationery bike in the basement. This wasn't too big a deal either, but I had to go to Lowes to get a 4 way splitter. I had the 250 foot spool of RG 6 wire that I had purchased from a liquidator in Dayton, Oh at the Hamfest in May.

So I made the short cable to attach the splitter to one of the existing connections, and then moved the wire I took off to the new splitter. It worked, so then it was on to installing a new wire on the floor joice. Of course the staple gun was all jammed and had to be taken apart, and then reloaded.

Climb the ladder staple 2 joice move the ladder, climb it again staple 2 more. It took me a good hour and a half to get that project done once I got home from Lowes. The TV now has all the cable channels.

I would have been faster, but I had the TV's on the football game, and was side tracked by that some of the time. lol

Well that was enough real work for the day, so I came up stairs to finish the games on the big TV. And of course that caused the nap in front of the TV. Real exciting stuff!

Tonight I am working with the laptop, as it has a hard drive on its last legs. I have backed up the my documents leg of the drive tree, but I would like to figure out if the drive is actually bad or if I have lost the chain sequence of the file logics. This all started after that darned service pak 3 update in the RV park. Girrrrr!

I hate to have to buy a new hard drive because you kn0w I will never get all the programs loaded that drive all the HP stuff on the computer. Wish me luck.

Retired Rod

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