Thursday, October 30, 2008


How do you make an exciting blog out of mowing the lawn? I had declared that the last time I would mow the lawn was last week. But that is before we had oooodles of rain. And even in the low temperatures, it was warm enough during the days to make the grass come up.

So this morning it was again the last time that I will need to mow the grass this year. Lol. Since we are planning to leave here on Saturday, I think this time it will actually be the last time. I ran the gas out of the push mower and the weed wacker after I was done, so they will start in April when this ritual starts again.

Last year I made a blog out of changing the oil in the John Deere garden tractor, so it will suffice to say that I again changed the oil in the tractor. I knew exactly where the oil filters were at Lowes, and they were $12 this year. But they want $80 to do it at the JD store, for 1 and 1/2 quarts of oil. I got to use the three finger compression oil filter wrench again, and since I was replacing a filter that I put on, it wasn't so tight that you couldn't get it off.

Early in the morning, I went over to the tire store in old Olathe, and had them see why the right rear tire was loosing air. Again, a small screw was right in the center of the tire. They had if off and patched in a jiffy. The job seems much easier when you are here at home, and the tire shop is one you use all the time. We seem to be having our share of nails and stuff in our tires. I blame it on the storage area where the trailers are stored. They are always working on something over there, like residing an old bus. Or junking out some old car.

Late in the day, I went and brought the trailer back to our house. I park it in the street out front, and our neighbors are not too happy with that, but it will only be until Saturday. Someone down in the end of the culdesak has an old 1950's Ford tractor and a disk on a trailer, out in front of his house, so my 2007 Jayco shouldn't be any worse of an eyesore.

Tonight Loyce was out in the trailer loading many of the things that she wants for our winter trip. We have loosely planned on leaving the rig in storage somewhere down in Southern Arizona. We'll see how that works out.

So more preparations tomorrow and Loyce has a Halloween party planed for the kids on Friday. Then we are out of here.

Retired Rod

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