Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weeds Be Gone!

We made it to 78 today on the official airport weather sensors here a mile South of our place. I did look on our thermometer in mid afternoon and we were showing 80. Either way that's one heck of a nice day.

I spent the morning following my beloved Hawkeyes as they pounced on Indiana. They are off of three losses and seemed to have no mercy for the Hoosiers. The score was way big to not too much. Seems like most of the time we are on the not too much side of these encounters. But today was different.

After that I went to the Hamburger stand for a burger, when Loyce wasn't looking. Lets see I had pizza last night and McD's for lunch, no wonder my belt is sooooooooooo long.

Mid afternoon when the temps were so nice, I decided to spray the weeds with weed be gone. I use a hose end sprayer with the little bottle to mix up the chemical. The mixing isn't a big deal, but it does require you to drag out enough hose to cover every inch of your yard. I had to mix a second jug before I was done.

I now have the whole place stinking of weed killer. Wonder how many bushes will die rather than the weeds? I was careful, but the breeze will drift the spray just the same. Time will tell.

Not too much of the growing season left anyway, but if the weeds get a good curl on before the winter, maybe they won't be back so heavy in the spring.

Tonight, we decided to go to Bandana's Barbecue for supper. I had smoked sausage and a baked potato. I really like their Memphis style barbecue. Regular readers have heard that several times before.( :-D) See the comment about the long belt above.

I have wasted most of my time since we got home with this computer. But I did put it down all afternoon. LOL

Retired Rod

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