Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back at the battle

Another day of working at the car place. The same old same old. But we are gaining. That doesn't leave much to blog about. We saw the same makes and models that are at the auction every week. Put there by the same rental companies.

They all have the same bunch of scratches all over the trunk area, caused by careless travelers, when they load their luggage into the trunk. Seems as though if it isn't beat up back there it isn't for sale yet.

The better cars come from people when their leases are up. They have to pay for damage that is done to their cars, when they turn them in. Not that the lease companies intend to fix anything mind you, they just pocket the cash and sell them as they are.

But by and large folks take better care of their lease car as it is their car, and if it looks all bad it reflects on them. We didn't find anything we just have to have. Sales are really stale right now.

Once home tonight, I made my favorite pizza for supper. Italian sausage and mushroom. I make it from scratch. Making a yeast dough out of whole wheat and bread flour. And then making the sauce from tomato paste and garlic. Turns out like "I" like it. I do pre cook the dough, and then cook the pizza with the toppings on it a second time. This would not be necessary if I had the big 500 degree oven with the steel floor, like professional folks use. But then I do not need the gas bill that goes with it either.

Tonight I have been doing the usual of reading blogs and surfing the internet.

Another day in the books, but I got to spend it with my oldest son, and we always seem to enjoy ourselves even if we don't always win the battle.

Retired Rod

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