Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Doctors and Car Dealerships

Doctors office visits are not much fun! They ask a bunch of questions that you have not thought out the answer to. What about this or that? Well now you know I hadn't given that much thought.

So after $300 of charges for labs and the basic visit, I have the prescription that I have been begging to get refilied. They have been giving me 30 days at a time for refills, but now I got a 90 day refill. But of course no refills after that. That means I will run out in late January, right when we will have gone to Texas or Arizona, or where ever we decide to go.

That has me bewildered, as the only reason they do these things is to get another office visit out of you in 90 days. The Doctor needs the money you know. Yikes!

So with that , I went to the Toyota dealership to see about my creaking brake pedal. It is annoying! Every time you pull up to stop, the pedal does a creeeeeeek kind of sound as you press on it to stop. Kind of metal on metal dragging sound. Never had that noise in any of my Fords, lol. They had to enter me into the system as the owner of the car, and asked a million questions as to where I had gotten the vehicle.

I just told them I had purchased it at the Auction, and that it had been an Alamo rental vehicle. The car came right up on their computer, and it was still recorded as being owned by the Alamo franchisee. They quickly transferred it over to me, and I have about 3,500 miles of warranty to find everything wrong before its all over.

They took the car and had me wait in the lounge even though I had never been in that dealership before, didn't buy it there, and didn't have an appointment. I waited for 45 or 50 minutes, and they came and called my name.

The mechanic had disassembled the brake pedal and swing arm, cleaned away the old lubricant and relubed the assembly. I didn't crawl on the floor to see what they had done. All I know is that obnoxious creaking is gone. For now anyway. I'll bet it comes back later and won't be free to get lubed the next time.

I was surprised that they helped me so quickly, rather than make an appointment for another day. I would say that was service beyond necessary in today's world.

Later in the day, Chris and I took care of some mundane used car stuff and I was home by 6 PM.

Anothe routine day in the life. Retired Rod

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