Saturday, October 18, 2008

More computer fixin!

Tonight we are back using the laptop to post this post. I have again invested most of the day in programming the setup of this machine. This time it is the amateur radio program UI-View.

This is a program that tracks radio transmitters that are connected to a GPS. The computer that is running the radio and GPS, sends out a position every so often and we can plot that on our computer map anywhere in the world. Internet is a cool thing!

UI-Veiw is a program written in Britain. It plots these transmitted positions. My problem today was to download and install everything from all the sources. And in the right order. I had instructions, but couldn't seem to follow them in the proper fashion.

I finally figured out that I was missing a step, right in the middle. I just needed a check mark in a box to install one more little step. But the whole thing didn't want to work because I missed it.

Loyce and our son Ben went to a indoor amusement park with all of the grandkids. I kinda ducked out, claiming that I didn't want to go. She graciously let me out of it. I'll pay later, lol.

Finally the rain let up some, but the three year old needed a nap. So I had another hour to spend on the project. I up loaded all the pictures on the back up drive. And then figured out that I didn't have the favorites files. Bummer.

When the afternoon became bright we all went for a ride to check out a city park that has a pumpkin farm exhibit. It was late in the day so we decided we would pay the entrance fee on another day when we had time to enjoy the entire park. Darkness was fast approaching.

We will be changing from daylight saving time before you know it, and then it will really seem like winter. Ick.

I have to remember all the stuff that I had bookmarked, but sadly I will not get everything. But then if I can't remember what I am missing, perhaps I won't need it again anyway.

Retired Rod

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