Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Work again!

I never know what to write about on days that I go into work. Doesn't leave much time to be creative. Lets see, I drove between both auctions and then back to the second auction again. Retracing the same 20 miles four times. In the city. But on the freeway at about 65 mph.

And ya there were cars at the auction. Lots of them. Seems like most of the cars are ones that come off lease, or from the rental fleet. Hertz or Avis and Enterprise. We didn't go look at anything since we haven't sold much for weeks.

I did mow the lawn this morning, and I hope it will mark the end of the lawn mowing season. It is cold here now, overnight. In the early 40's after midnight. That all but stops the grass from growing. I doesn't turn brown and quit growing all together, like out in Colorado, but it won't add much to its height until spring.

I really was only mowing the crab grass and some of the other annuals that build up in late summer. Next year, we need to use more crab grass killer in the spring. Not let that nasty stuff get started in the first place.

I came home and made myself some supper, and have been reading the days blogs. Seems like they are all updating with something new everyday. I do enjoy them, even when no one has really gone much of anyplace.

We continue to talk about leaving to take the trailer somewhere farther South. But then coming back for the holidays. We would not actually start our winter snowbird trip until after Christmas.

If we knew what we wanted to do, I could report it, but seems there is always a reason to stay home.

Retired Rod

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