Thursday, October 23, 2008

An accident

We had a little excitement last night, however grandma and I didn't find out about it until this morning. Seems that our grand daughter tipped over and fell from her booster chair at the dinner table, and the chair landed on her foot.

Her daddy took her in this morning and yes indeed, she has a broken bone in her foot. She is only three, and it was painful. She slept OK during the night, but remembered immediately that her foot hurt when she got up.

The Doctors put a brace boot on her foot, that has a sole on it so she can walk. I laces up and immobilizes the foot so the bone can heal.

She spent the afternoon with Loyce, and for those that are not family members, Loyce is a retired RN, so she was in good hands.

Daddy and I had to drive back and forth to and from the auction, bringing cars back home. We didn't actually go to the auction itself, as Chris was sitting in an exam room trying to keep the little gal occupied during the extensive wait. Doctors offices can be a really frustrating experience.

Once we got home from the auction, she was watching Dora the explorer with grandma, so she must not have been in as much pain as earlier. Kids are tougher than we give them credit for.

She will have to wear the brace for up to twelve weeks. That's until Jan 30th. Lets hope its not that long, or I heard Chris wrong.

Turned cold here overnight, and the rain began this morning early. It poured all day. We had our high of the day at 4 AM of 58 degrees. We have lost temperature all day and it is now 46.
Not pleasant to be sure.

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