Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Cars

We looked at more cars today at the Adesa auction. Absolutely nothing is selling. The car market is dead. With the stock market failing and the economy so depressed, nobody is looking to buy a car. The lot across the street is advertising rent to own.

Rent to own is where you make an exorbitant payment on an older jalopy and after you have paid for it about twice, they give you the title. Of course most folks that have to do that kind of thing, never make it to the point where they own it. And lose all their money.

I don't think we will get into that business.

Tomorrow I have to be up early and go to the Doctors office. I'll be poked and prodded about the time you read this in the morning. They want to see me about every three months but I usually don't get in that often. And I'll hear about it tomorrow as well.

It is cold here tonight, as we have reached the low 50's. This is the first real dose of the cold weather we have had this fall. It rained all day as we were looking at the cars. It was a fine mist kind of rain that soaked right thru your clothes. Way worse than big rain drops. Fall has definitely arrived here in KC.

Tonight we have just hung out and talked to our friends up in Des Moines on Skype. Not too strenuous but someone has to do it.

How about that big Market rebound today? That will help get us going in the right direction, but we will give some of it up tomorrow. Always does after a big up day.

Need to get to bed so I can be cheerful for the appointment. Lol

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