Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birthday Party

Today is Loyce's 39th birthday again. She has been 39 for several years now and doesn't look a day over that age. We spent a quiet day here at the house, until she went on her favorite past time, shopping.

I didn't see her for the rest of the afternoon. I have no idea where she goes, and she won't tell. Well I do get the credit card billings so that is some clue. Lol.

Anyway we went over to son Ben's house this evening, and spent it with all the grandkids and their parents too.

We ordered meals from the 54th street bar and grill, which has restaurants all over KC. The young kids had a casserole that Ben made with big Manicotti style noodles. The youngest kids struggle to eat things beyond a hot dog, but the oldest boy ate all his food and wanted my french fries as well. He is growing like a weed now and his food intake has stepped up to match.

Him having my fries was all right, since I am not supposed to eat things that are white, and that includes potatoes. I had a really big hamburger with Jalapeno cheese and bacon. It also had lettuce, tomato, big dill pickles, and such. It was 1/2 Lb so it was a belly buster. Not going to loose much weight over that one.

It is going to get cold here tomorrow night, as in below freezing. Since we will not be gone before then, that means we will need to do some winterizing. Then wash it back out next week. RV's can be a pain sometimes.

I keep telling Loyce that we need to get out of here but she enjoys her house and stuff and would never leave if it were not for me. Oh well at least we will go sooner or later.

Retired Rod

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