Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gas Under $3 ???

As I was driving to Omaha yesterday, something happened that I haven't seen for the entire year of 2008.

I stopped at a Love's gas station, and bought gas for under three bucks. Last winter in southern Texas, the gas was under three bucks, but not much. For a few days we saw 2.89 but mostly 2.95. As we moved to Corpus Christi in February, the price went to 3.09 and then on the way home, it was 3.19 in early March.

By May when the ham guys traveled to Ohio, we were paying 3.99 out East. Chicago had over 4 but we went South at Moline to stay away from there. We actually hit 4.19 here in Kansas around the fourth of July. Missouri was up to 3.99 and some stations were barely over 4, before the price broke in mid July.

So the station sign of 2.95 seemed something of an oddity. Here I am finally driving a little Corolla that gets 34 miles to the gallon or more on the road and used less than 12 gallons round trip, and the price goes down under three bucks. Hey I'm not complaining.

Thirty six dollars round trip from South KC to West Omaha and back. Had I been pulling the RV, it would have been $140 at 4 bucks a gallon.

Today we had the cool weather and rain that dumped snow in the Colorado mountains Saturday night. It was 60 and overcast most of the day. I think we did make it into the 70's but not for too long. The short pants, might be on their way out in the near future.

I spent most of the day heart sick as the Stock Market took yet another dive. This time in sympathy for the overseas market diving because we are diving. Will the dominoes ever quit falling against each other.

We need to get this election over and move on to more productive stuff. I see that McCain is now retaliating for the negative stuff that is coming from the dems. And of course as the retaliation cuts a bitter path, then the Obama camp needs to come back much harder. We have reached a sad part of the campaign. There is no winner, as the public is more and more offended.

Tonight, I spent some time in the chat room of the RV-Dreams.com web site. Folks there are really super. They have a lot of fun, discussing anything and everything.

I'm rambling and wasting your time so until later. Retired Rod

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