Friday, October 24, 2008

From Lake Ozark

We haven't been here for some time now, so we thought it was time to check the place over.

We didn't get off from KC until well into the afternoon. I went to the locker in the morning and then came back and voted about noon.

Well once Loyce heard that I had voted early, she wanted to know how I did that and she had to go get her vote counted as well.

Returning to the main election office, she went right thru, just like I had in the morning. Then she had a bunch of really important errands, that couldn't be saved for another day, Lol.

So we finally got on the road by 3:30. My grand mother used to say half past three. No one ever says that any more, at least not the folks I know.

We didn't even stop at the house when we arrived, but rather had to go into town and get some Bandana's Bar B Q. This was Loyce's idea, but it didn't take much to convince me.

Back here it was almost 9 before we were unpacked. The lake is soooo quiet in the winter. The house was quite cool, but the electric heat popped right on and now we are up to a balmy 67 inside. Electric forced air heat is drafty and cold.

So it is midnight here, and I am looking at the lights that are evenly spread across the dam, about three miles distant. At the center of the spillway, there is a sign that is red neon that reads DANGER in big letters. Still, I couldn't make it out, if I didn't know already.

The water is totally still and glass like. The breeze is from the South and is quite cold, after its trip across the three miles of water from the dam. I am chicken, and I am typing this inside the house, only looking out the sliding glass door. Still it is beautiful if only a tad cold.

I could live here full time, but Loyce has to have the city and all her shopping trips to acquire the endless bunches of stuff to award to the grand kids. And we are 175 miles or more from them here, so that will never work.

Everything seemed to be in its place when we arrived, with only the leaves blown in around the front of the house to contend with. Loyce will not be able to let that alone in the morning.

I have to go to the court house and see what is on our personal property tax roll for this year. Not that I want to add anything, but they will not let you renew license plates without the P Tax receipts, so I have no choice.

The clock bonged 12 here 10 minutes ago, so I will hang this computer on the nail in the wall for now.

Retired Rod

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