Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oil change and errands

Today was the usual run all over kind of day. But in the morning, I decided that I was going to change the oil in the Corolla.

Now usually I do not change the oil myself, but rather take the car in question to the closest Valvoline franchise. But today I thought that the little Corolla would not be hard to change myself, as the filter is right on the front, and can be seen and handled from both the top and the bottom.

It was still cold here this morning, barely 40, but the sun was out and the car was in the garage. So I jacked up the front, so my rotund body would slide underneath, and before very long the oil was draining into the drip pan.

Now about that filter. I have my new collapsing three eared filter wrench that I purchased to use on the garden tractor, and I have used it on the Honda outboard as well. So with that in hand I attacked the little cannister. It wouldn't budge. Damn!

So I changed the angle of attack, and used one hand to hold the ears onto the tin outer shell. I really pulled as hard as the small breaker bar would allow. That poked a hole into the side of the filter and oil came running out. Down my sleeve.

More bad words! Dragging the oil pan under the filter and plugging the still dripping drain plug with my finger, I groped for the plug. Once the pan was plugged and the filter slowed to a trickle, I got on it again crushing the entire cannister and it finally loosened. Why do these oil jockeys put these things on sooooo tight?

Of course by now I had oil all over. But the new filter was on and the new oil was going into the engine. It took me as long to clean up as it did to change the oil. I did save about $30 doing it myself, but I wonder if the aggravation and the mess is worth the savings. Probably not.

I still have to go drop off the oil at the Wal Mart garage, as they take used oil. They make you sign the oil book, guaranteeing that there is no antifreeze in the oil.

This afternoon we went all over the town doing errands with Chris. We waited at Honda while they made a new key for the Accord that we have. This is one of those keys that have the fob right in the head of the key. I think it was $150 to get it made. You never get the right keys with cars that come from the auction. Its always a big expensive pain to straighten out the key mess.

So tonight, I was trying to determine how to get another fob to work. A new battery seemed to bring it back to life. We will find out tomorrow.

We are still planning to leave here for points South on Saturday. Need to get the RV over here and start working on getting it ready to roll.

Retired Rod

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