Sunday, October 19, 2008

Peaceful Saturday

We just got home from kid sitting at my youngest son's house. Its midnight! They had a restful night out on the town, without the three kids. They never get away from the kids by themselves much.

So Loyce and I ran the scrimmage at their house. That lets the kids go to bed in their own bedrooms, and not be awakened in the middle of the night to drive back home. Well had they come over to our house, they would have stayed overnight here, but we do not have enough beds to give them all a bed by themselves. So it just works better in their own beds.

We played and let them stay up until 9 PM, which is about all they can handle, since they get up at the crack of dawn. They are told to go back to bed when they get up too early, but they never do.

Speaking of getting up early, I was up before 7, or even 6:30, to go to the Southside Hamfest, over in Grandview, Mo. It is held in the Middle School. They use the Commons, and the Gym to set up tables for the vendors. I bought a new antenna for the Toyota, and a magnetic mount. Cost $75 but that will give the car its own hookups, allowing any radio to be tossed in at the last minute.

I bought another bag of parts and pieces to have on hand. Seems as though I always go inventory the stuff in the basement, and decide I need another $40 worth, no matter how much I already have here.

But there wasn't much of a drive today, so I spent the gas money on parts. Lol. On the way home, I stopped at the barbershop and had a quick haircut. Could have made the last cut last another week or more, but if we leave again, I would have looked like a rag before we got back.

Spent the rest of the afternoon on this computer copying files and setting up my address book for email. You really do take for granted all the info you have built up on your primary machine.

Its late and Loyce went right to bed, so perhaps I should follow. I won't be bothersome, as I sneak up quietly so as to not wake her.

At Ben's tonight, he had recorded this afternoon's Hawkeye game on his Tivo. That gave me something to watch after the kids went to sleep. Boy they pummeled Wisconsin. Put the second team in for most of the fourth quarter. That allowed another Wisc. touchdown so the score seemed more even than it really would have been. Not like USC's 68 to 0. Why would you do that? Ego is an evil thing.

I'm tired so see you later.

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