Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saturday night party!

We had the big get together here tonight, with all four of the grandkids and their parents. This has been planned for the week as a close of the birthday week celebration. Some final presents were given and the big Baskin Robins icecream cake was cut.

We had stopped by the locker in Spring Hill earlier in the week and purchased center cut porkchops. I marinaded these in lemon, honey, and olive oil, with crushed garlic mixed in. The chops lived in the plastic bag overnight with this marinade. They were grilled on the old fashioned Weber charcoal kettle.

We had bacon wrapped corn on the cob and four bean, pork and beans. Loyce made home made whole wheat rolls and several other dishes.

Our kids and grandkids are larger about the waist after this get together. They will have to walk twice as far tomorrow.

In the morning I think I will go to the ham fest up in Omaha. That will depend me getting some sleep to get up at 5 AM and it is 11:30 now so this will be the end of this post. See you tomorrow!

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