Monday, October 6, 2008

Hamfest Sunday

I was driving South on I 29 when "BEEEEEEEEEEP" a guy in the left lane thought I was drifting too close. And I probably was over on his side some. It was afternoon and I had a heavy lunch. I pulled into the next rest area a couple of miles further on.

Stopping in the parking lot I leaned back in the reclining seat and was gone. The engine idled, and the radio had the chiefs game on, and I seemed to not be asleep. Listening in a trance. But a noisy truck pulled in next to me and I sat up abruptly. Thirty five minutes had disappeared.

My mind went back to 4:30 this morning when I had awakened to try to read my watch in the dark. Dimly reflective, I couldn't tell if it was three thirty, or four thirty. I got up. It was now four forty five.

Showered, dressed and in the kitchen, I loaded up the gear to get on the road. I left at five thirty. Messing with the GPS, I got the address in Omaha plugged into the GOTO memory. That was at a stop sign, but on Sunday morning in the dark, there was no one behind me.

The hamfest was not the best as the stuff there was mostly old junk. Well its always old junk, but this was especially bad stuff. None of it was selling much either. But four of my friends from the Central Iowa area had come and we were enjoying our comraderie.

By about eleven thirty we left the American Legion hall and went to the Golden Corral in Council Bluffs. We joked on the radio between our cars, that we were spending the afternoon in the casino, but they led me to the restaurant instead.

After parking and my little nap, before I killed myself or someone else, I stopped in St Joe, Mo and shopped at the local Menards. These are all over Iowa and the Midwest, but are not in KC. So I always stop by when I get up to St Joe. Bought some fertilizer for the yard.

I arrived home to find Loyce has a rough throat and a cough. Too close to the grand kids, and now she will be miserable for the rest of the week. Hell to get old.

Its not late yet tonight, but I will be asleep in the chair soon, so I will post this after midnight, so it will be available for tomorrow. Seven hours of driving for about three hours to see the guys. But then we haven't been together since last May.

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