Thursday, October 9, 2008

Zappos How do they do that?

Remember yesterday when I said I was going to order, or just ordered, a pair of shoes? Well that was at about 4 PM Central and look what was on my door step at 11:30 this morning.

How do they do that?

Zappos is on the airport, or darned near, the address label lists 376 Blvd, Shepherdsville, Ky. A quick check of the mapping program reveals that this is a town South of Louisville, Ky on Hwy I 65.

They were packaged and picked up before 11PM, and in KC by 5 AM. The Shipping was next day "air saver", UPS. Really works well since I had them in less than 12 hours.

I read somewhere that clothing purchases were usually impulse. Most of us have plenty of clothes, that we don't wear much, as well as the few that we wear all the time. So they NEED to get their shoes out fast before you change your mind and cancel.

With that said, I think these are just fine and they are that wide size that is impossible to locate locally. While I haven't worn them outside yet, so technically, I can send them back, chances of that are really slim!

Late in the afternoon I tackled the installation of the radio power wire into the Corolla. All of the cars owned by hams have essentially the same wire installed. It is a 12 volt power cable that is connected to the battery with an installed fuse close by, that runs into the passenger cabin.

We used to run the wire under the dash, to hookup a radio that hung under the dash. Now days the radios have a dash mounted control panel, with a radio box that is mounted separately. The most popular place to mount these radio boxes is under the seat, so now all of my power wires reveal themselves under one of the front seats.

By about supper time, the Corolla had a 12 gauge power wire from the battery to under the front passenger seat. It is not visible in the car unless you pull it out in front of the seat. I use Anderson Power Poles as the terminating connector.

Now as I move radios and other electronic components to the car, they have a power source that is independent of the manufactures wiring. This is important in today's cars, as the computers monitor almost everything that takes place electrically. They do not understand the presence of a large electric current usage device such as a transmitter. They will throw error codes at you and shut stuff down, thinking they are protecting the vehicle. Not good!

Its an official mobile antenna mount car now. Retired Rod

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