Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kansas DMV again!

Back in May I told the story of getting a license for the utility trailer from the Kansas DMV. If you have forgotten or are curious click here. So today was the DMV again.

I made a resolution that I was not allowing myself to become mad again today no matter what happened. And no rant on the bolg either.

So with a positive attitude I went to the Inspection Station to have the clerks that work for the Kansas Highway Patrol look over my vehicle and match it to the title. If you bring in a vehicle from out of state or that you have constructed from scratch, it must have this inspection.

It only takes a few minutes, but they do go over the entire car and match the numbers on all the various VIN tags. The little Toyota has these tags all over the place, so she was busy for a period of time.

When they are done, you go park in the parking lot and come back to pay your $10. Once they get your paper work completed, you are on your way. That was the easy part.

Next it is over to the strip mall where the DMV has a large store front that has been converted to a license bureau. When you arrive you take a number and wait for your number to be called. There were three series of numbers depending on what you needed to have done, and I was 40 people back from those that were currently being helped. The other series were as far behind as well, so there were over one hundred folks waiting to be helped.

They call your number in the first 10 minutes by a forms checker guy. He reviews the paper work that you have with you to see if you have everything right. If not, you are sent on your way to rectify your problem. This keeps you from waiting an hour or more only to find out that you are missing a key ingredient. That cool.

I passed this test, and had all the right papers in hand and correct. So back to waiting. After about an hour of waiting, I did get to the window and after $1,200 of sales tax and license fees I had a plate. For a cheap little used car this seems quite high, but this is Johnson County Kansas. The title will be mailed in a month or more from Topeka.

So I started at a little before 9 AM and I was back home from the experience by 12:30. This is not something you would run out on a lunch hour to get completed. They never made me mad, and I knew that it would take half the day, because it has always taken that long ever other time I went to the DMV. If you could do it by mail, you would choose that alternative in a heart beat.

The rest of the day has been projects here at home, and other non productive stuff that retired folks seem to be accustomed to.

This computer seems to burn a lot of time, as when you start to research something, that leads to another thought and then another. Next thing you know the day has passed by.

Tomorrow is football again, and Sunday there is a Hamfest up in Omaha. Rough schedule, LOL.

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