Monday, October 27, 2008

But its too expensive to just disappear!

If you're inside the rig you can't see what is happening outside. At least outside underneath the rig. Darn, what is happening here? So I went back to Wal Mart to buy more pink antifreeze.

When I came back, I put the outside shower hose into an empty jug and proceeded to pump even more 5 buck a gallon antifreeze into the black hole. It wasn't coming out of the outside shower hose either.

Well lets start back at the beginning. It is going to freeze here tonight. Its about 40 right now and they say it will be freezing by 6 AM. So I went and bought the pink stuff at Wal Mart and headed to the storage lot.

Our rig has the valves and the suction hose, next to the 12 V pump, that goes right into the bottle of stuff. Just turn on the pump after changing the valves and get the antifreeze to come out all the faucets. That seems easy enough. But the antifreeze didn't come out the faucets. It drained the bottles that I had and seemed to go into oblivion.

In reality it was going on to the ground under the camper. The ground was wet from the neighbor who had drained his unit earlier in the day and left a big mess. I suspect that part of the water was from the holding tanks too. So with the wet asphalt, I didn't realize that the wet spot was really my antifreeze draining out of a low point drain petcock.

As I understood it, the low point petcocks are to empty the waterheater. And they do it nicely and fairly quickly. But my mistake was to think that turning off the bypass valves would eliminate the drains from the system. That is true for the hot water side, but not the cold. So I was pumping the pink stuff right out of the bottle and onto the ground.

Sometimes it just doesn't work out like you think it should. I crawled under the rig and closed the valves, and the rest of the project was over in a jiffy. I catch the clear water in a basin, and toss it out the door, and then catch the pink antifreeze and put it back in the bottle to pump it out the next faucet.

Well anyway, we are all ready for it to get cold here now. Never mind that we hope to pack up and leave next weekend, moving to warmer climes until we come back for the holidays. We think we may just leave the camper in the warmer climes, and drive back in the little car. Thats our latest scheme anyway.

Tonight I went back outside, and had to break out the winter coat. I hate it when that happens!

Retired Rod

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