Monday, October 20, 2008

Lazzy Day Sunday

I had all kinds of ideas about things to do here today. And that is where it ended they were good ideas. None of which became a project for completion. Seemed like a good idea at the time though.

I started off in the basement making a pigtail anderson power pole cube tap. The input connector is on a wire pig tail and a little PC board has three solid mounted connectors as the outputs. It will plug into the power wires, that I add under the seat of each car or truck. Then you can plug three things into the one wire. That took about two hours to make.

Then I found that my can of liquid electrical tape was dried up. So off to Lowes to get a new can, that hopefully wasn't as hard. They package the cans in a plastic shrink wrap. That must add the necessary seal to keep the vehicle from evaporating. Its a metal can, with a lid that screws down tight, but it still must let the stuff dry out some how.

I paint the bottom of the PC boards with this product and it dries quite hard and encapsulates the solder wiring from shorting out to something. 12 Volts from a car battery can literally weld things, so insulation is a necessity.

Then I went to Wal Mart, and they did not have my prescription done, as the insurance company says it is too early to get the prescription because I just got one 10 days ago. "But the Doctor changed the dosage and I take twice as much now. So the old bottle is all but gone."

The pharmacist understood this but the computer would not let him modify the prescription and it was Sunday and he couldn't call anyone. Besides he was closing the window in 15 minutes anyway. He finally said, since I did have a valid prescription, I could buy the medicine, but I would have to pay cash since the insurance wouldn't accept it. "Well, how much is that?" "$4."

"Sell it to me." So that was the arguement that was making me so upset that really didn't amount to anything. It wasn't his fault, the insurance companies computer wouldn't alow him to change things.

Back at home, I made some cowboy beans, that I like. It is four kinds of beans and a pound of hamburger. Let's see, black, pinto, great northern, and pork and beans. Oh and a can of Rotel tomatos. They make all kinds of Rotel flavors but I use the original. The jalapeno would be good, but the family doesn't like the hot so much. I add a half of bottle of Masterpice BBQ sauce and cook for an hour or more. I use the low calorie zero sugar BBQ sauce because of the diabetis.

With a nap in the late afternoon, and talking on the ham radio nets up in Des Moines later tonight, that killed the day here.

Retired Rod

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