Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bad markets again

I am finding it hard not to be very downbeat with the markets. Everyone has abandoned ship. Sell is the word of the day. Where is it a buy? Is our country going to become a secondary power in the world? Is our way of life in jeopardy?

These answers are not overly clear tonight.

We must remain positive thru all of this and understand that there will be a tomorrow. It might not be like our yesterdays, but it will be all right, if we do not collectively give up. We do need to live within our current means though. This will be a considerable shock for the folks that feel they can leverage their way to prosperity.

I read quite an article on MSNBC yesterday that blames the credit based economy for all of our problems. And stressed how shocked people are to learn that they will need much larger down payments to get things like a car loan. They will need to fill out an application and prove their ability to pay down the loan.

Gone are the days of the seven year car loan with folks being upside down for half of the loan period. I think the thirty year mortgage will be a thing of the past as well. The raining in of credit will be positive for the future, but it will hurt folks in the near term as they struggle to pay off their debts.

I went to Wal Mart to get the prescriptions that I dropped off yesterday. It was early in the day and there was no one waiting at the window. I was told to see the pharmacist about how to use the ear otic. The funny thing was that she kept referring to the prescription as eye drops. Finally I stopped her and asked is this really for my eyes? Because I need drops for my ears. She stopped and looked up the prescription and yes I had ear drops. She was just telling me something that was tottaly wrong. So much for the pharmacist's consultation at Wal Mart.

I took one of the new pills for blood pressure, and have been spaced for the rest of the day. Kind of woosey like a stiff drink. Needless to say, deep thought didn't happen for the rest of the afternoon. Hope I can become accostumed to that pill rapidly or I'll be out of it most of the time.

It has kind of worn off now, but it is time for bed.

I watched the Presidential debate again tonight. I do not know anything more than the last time I watched. Except, I think Obama is like Clinton, slick with the retoric. I'm not sure his programs are the right ones, but if delivery can make it all better, then he is the guy.

We are talking about heading out with the trailer and pulling South. Maybe down to Texas and leaving it at a storage facility South of the snow. Last year, we had to drive out of here in the bad weather and road conditions after Christmas. That was stressful for us, so perhaps it will be wise to get beyond slick roads before they occur.

We will discuss that some more and try to come up with a plan.

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