Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Acquiring more than the key at the Toyota Dealer!

First lets take a minute and answer the Honda, US manufacture question.  Yes it was assembled in Ohio, but also it has 60 percent US and Canadian parts in it as well.  The 35 percent that did come from Japan, is the transmission.  Reading between the lines would tell me that Honda doesn't like US transmissions, but that would just be a guess.

So if 60 percent of the parts and all the labor are provided here in the US and Canada, I'm fairly certain that were keeping jobs here at home.  Anyway thank you for all the good thoughts about the new Toad!

But speaking of jobs, and cars, yesterday I went over to Toyota with the Camry.  I needed a new key.  The one with the fob built into the key head. It was $231 before it was cut and programed.  Total cost $310.  Moral of the story is don't loose your key!

I lost it last fall as we were packing out to go to Arizona.  We simply cannot find it and we have been in every location in the whole house and motorhome!  You know it is here somewhere, but that is the problem, Somewhere!

But the rest of the story is that the dealership was feeling bad about charging me so much, so the car jockey kid went and washed my car.  But he didn't take the magnetic mount ham radio antenna off the back trunk.  And of course it wound all up in the brushes and scratched the dickens out of the trunk and left rear quarter panel.  He didn't even bother to put it back on the car he just handed me the new keys.

GRRRRR!  I was steamed, and the ticket writer fellow didn't understand what was wrong!!!  We had a rapid discussion, while I tried to explain that all those scratches and dings weren't there about three minutes ago.

Of course there is no one available to fix it today, so I have a nice appointment next Thursday to see if they can fix it up.  I am certain that they will do a little buffing and call it good, but I will have to be a tiger to get it right, I am sure.

I was already cringing over the cost of the key, and then they damage the car!!  It wasn't too good a day at the Toyota dealership.

Other than that, things have been about normal around here today!

Retired Rod


  1. That's why I take my magnetic FM High Band off before I even think truck wash and I don't even have a trunk to scratch, I just hate to think about it bouncing around on my hard cover though. Be safe out there/ Sam & Donna.

  2. I'm taking my truck in for a wash today, I'll be sure they remove my aerial before it goes thru the auto-wash. Those keys are sure expensive - seems a bit ridiculous, but what can you do?

  3. Well there you go, but I guess the guy at the Ford dealership might have hired that same kid to run his car If it wasn't for the things that piss us off life would get preeeettttyy boring after retirement..:)

  4. Sometimes ya just can't win for losing!!! I would probably swear!!! Good luck when you take it back,,,,


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