Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trying to be like Rick!

As I was looking at Rick's web site today, I noticed that his commenter's comments all showed up in a row nicely under the blog.  But on this web site the comments were in a little click  footer under the blog topic  that said something like      Comments  3.  And you had to click on it in order to bring up another window that wasn't big enough to read any of the comments that folks had left.

What possible motivation do people have to leave any comments if they have to go thru all of that?  So I started to see if I could change something to be like my buddy Rick.  I poured over all the settings looking and looking.  I found the button that opened things in a separate window and changed that, but still every time I went to my blog, I was still presented with    "Comments   2"  and you had to click on it to see any of the comments, but now under the blog.

I began to tear out my hair.  What does Rick know that I can't figure out?  I was frustrated, and thought about giving in and emailing him a question about how he does it.  But the day progressed and I got called to other stuff.  Then later in the day I was back at the computer.  Now how does this work?

It eventually dawned on me, that when I was calling up Ricks site, I was doing it from my dashboard where each individual post is presented daily as he posts it.  But if I just called up his blog with the root web site  without any specific daily post title, I got the "Comments 21" bit on his site too.

When I am requesting my own web post, I am requesting without any specific days title appended to my request.  Going back and selecting a specific post caused my comments to all show up neatly under the day's post.  So we are doing it like Rick, but I'm not seeing it that way.

I wonder how many hours I spent on that?

In other happenings, Biscuit thought her trip to the Groomers was all a big play session, and only wanted to see the nice people over at this new place in the world.  From my perspective, they didn't hardly remove any of her long hair that we sent her over to get buzzed.  $40 out the window, except that her nails are now cut and she has a nice bath.

Loyce thought it was OK, because she still looks like the puppy that we have had all along.  But we both think they took about an inch off of her, so that was a good thing.  She wasn't scared a bit, to go over to the groomers, but we didn't ask if the lady at the groomer had a dickens of a time holding her while she was cut.  I think we already knew the answer to that and they probably earned every penny of the money we paid.

Today was a sunny and mid 60s day here in Kansas, and a nice reprieve from the 40 something days we have been having.  Trouble is that it was a "once only" day, as we are to plunge back into the cold and rainy stuff this weekend and next week.  Will spring ever arrive?

Retired Rod


  1. Wow! I'm sure glad you didn't email me asking how I did that because I'd still probably be trying to figure out just like you did. Thanks for doing all the research and saving me the trouble of trying to figure this all out. The way blogger handles comments is pretty clunky for sure.

    Glad to hear Biscuit still thinks Grooming is play time, that should make her life much easier.

  2. When I read your blog...and Rick's blog..I must confess I can't grasp all of it, but still like to read them in the hope that I may still be able to learn a little something here and there. I really do miss my "before the strokes" life a lot! Keep sharing with us Rick and Rod...


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