Tuesday, March 1, 2011

At home again

I am sitting in my big recliner at home by the fireplace.  Rather than typing on the little laptop that I have used all winter, I am on my desktop with the big flat screen monitor.  That is the biggest change.  Of course the house is warm, without any drafts coming thru the slide seals and window joints.

But it is cold here in KC tonight.  At 11 PM it is down to 30 and we are to be 22 before morning.  I am not used to that kind of temperature, and it will take a while for me to acclimate.  I must explain that we did not come home early voluntarily, but rather because it was time to hand me off back to the Doctor here in KC.  I have scheduled tests that are set up here in town in the next upcoming weeks. So without turning this blog into general hospital, I will say, I was told to go home.

Last night was a rather cool night, as the cold North wind flapped the awnings and rocked the rig around.  When the wind is below 30 degrees, it zaps the heat right out of an RV.  We had the electric heaters on high, and the LP heaters set on 66.  The electric heaters can't keep up so the LP ran quite a bit as well.  But we managed to stay warm even with the wind.  By morning it was 27 outside.

In the morning, I did lay out 75 feet of hose and connect to one of the farm hydrants along the front of the lots.  We washed dishes and took showers and then washed out the holding tanks and the water closet.  Once cleaned it was off limits for the rest of the day.

I opened all the drains and removed the lines from the ice maker valve, hoping that the drive will shake the rest of the water out of it and not let it freeze up again.  I think it froze up on our first night out last fall, as I should have not allowed water back into it on that first cold night.

We were off by 10 AM and on the road for home.  I 35 is the turnpike thru Kansas, and is well maintained road.  It cost me $9 for the motorhome and the one axle trailer.  They don't ask how much you weigh, just how many axles you have, and we only have two, so without the trailer the coach would have been the same as a car.  $6.

After lunch, Loyce left me and headed on out at 70 mph for home.  She wanted to get her car unloaded before I got there.  That wasn't too hard since I stopped in Ottawa for fuel, and had to wait in line to get to the pump.  I put in 42 gallons for $150.  That didn't fill it all the way, but the gage still said almost full.

Once home, the real work began as we needed to unload 3 months worth of provisions.  I worked on the utility trailer, including the motor scooter.  Unhook from the motorhome, hook up the truck.  Back it into the driveway and unload everything into the garage.  Pull it back out into the street and take out the scooter.  Park it in the garage.  By about 5 PM, I had the trailer over to its storage lot.

Back at home, I needed to install that dreaded pink stuff before it froze tonight.  Everything was drained, so pump in two gallons, and draw it out of every tap in its turn.  Done.

The rig is still up in our driveway tonight, as we will have to go get another storage contract started in the morning.  Isn't it convenient, tomorrow is the first of the month!

Retired Rod


  1. Welcome Home. Rod, I am hoping like you maybe we will only have another month of cold weather before it starts to green up, hope all goes well with your tests. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Say, have you considered snow tires for the Scooter. That would probably be good for some upcoming Wendy trips. Always nice to get home, breathe that big sigh of relief, kick on the big screen TV & computer then flop into the old cushy & comfy recliner. All that after a big snack of course. Right on eh:))

  3. Glad you are home safe, and sending good wishes for your doctor stuff. It was fun to read the coming home saga, felt so familiar.

  4. Glad you made it home OK. Now focus on the task at hand and Blue and I will see you in the fall here at Dogpound South.

  5. Home, sweet home! We love the months we spend RV'ing but it's always nice to be able to return to our home again and all its familiar surroundings. For us, it's the best of both worlds!

    Good luck with your tests and I trust all will go well.

  6. Glad you made it home safely. Hope all the tests go ok. Stay warm.

  7. East and West, home is best!
    How does Biscuit like being back in the cold?
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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