Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All over the place!

The snow went away, so it must have been over freezing today, but the sun never peeked out all day.  That's what I like about going to Arizona during the winter, the sun seems to come out almost every day.    I have been to Arizona three out of the last four years, with the fourth being South Texas.  In Texas three years ago, we had days where the high temperature never was over 42, so it was back to Arizona!

But with out snow, it seemed warmer when I headed out for the afternoon.  It was still in the 40's though, and I have evidentially become accustomed to it now because I wasn't as cold today.

I do have to make sure that everyone knows that I do not actually have a 4G aircard from Verizon.  I am simply reporting the reviews that I have read on the internet from folks that have them.  I haven't experienced connectivity problems personally, but have rather only read about them.  Of course the Verizon reps denied any issues with their equipment.  And they pointed out that the $50 price for 5 Gb of data for monthly service is designed to attract new customers to their fold.  That is why they flat out refused to give me the price.  I wasn't buying a new card, and I wasn't a new customer.  Do you have any other problems we can take care of today?  If not, we will be glad to talk to you on your next visit!   Click!

I only went over to Wal Mart this afternoon to purchase  a few groceries and toiletries like we all do, but any trip to Wal Mart seems to take a bunch of time, because you have to go all over the store and look at stuff you didn't know you wanted to look at.  And in honor of Rick retiring his T shirts a couple of weeks ago, I bought several of my signature light gray shirts.  After Rick said his were getting thin, I got to looking at some of mine..........

Biscuit got a new airplane cable tie out harness, with snap rings on each end from Pet Land where we bought her.  And our picture is on the wall with all the other photos of dogs they have sold.  And true to form, they had a big bunch of pure bred dogs in there for sale again today.  When I got back here this afternoon, I took her out and hooked her up on the 20 foot lead.  She thought she was free and began to run away!  Until she reached the end of the cable.......Yank!   She is big enough now that she won't be hurt by that as easily.  Perhaps she can be tied out some this year, and go exploring in the back yard more on her own.  But we won't leave her outside unattended,  we promise.  She just needs to be able to go out and go potty without her mommy along.  She is very much a mommy's dog right now.

And tonight we are watching another watch show on the TV.  One of the long time presenters for the show has departed the Shop at Home TV network, and this is their first set of presentations without him, so we are all interested in how that will go.

Another exciting day here in KC.........

Retired Rod


  1. We put Rusty on a lead when it is pretty, but Don always sits out with him. He still wines when we leave his site, except when he goes in his crate. He seems to settle right down in his crate.

  2. I'm glad I could be such a sartorial inspiration to you - that is an absolute first, trust me!


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