Thursday, March 17, 2011

The latest watch came.

About the most significant thing that happened today is that the post lady left a key in my lock box to the bigger package box down at the bottom of the mail pedestal.   Yea!  My latest acquisition from last weekend is here!

It is completely different than most watches you see out there.  I took a picture with the new phone and emailed it to myself.  I just held out my arm and took the shot.  It is too close and the phone doesn't focus that close very well.  The flash kept reflecting off of the crystal, so I ended up turning off the flash and using the available light.

The phone is only 5 megapixel, so the shot isn't too clear but I'l load it anyway.

This is a stainless steel watch that is encapsulated in polycarbonate.   It has a soft and supple polyurethane strap.   Ya its kind of like a rubber strap, but much softer and doesn't cause your arm to sweat.

But what is fun, and causes me to show it on the blog, is that this is a mechanical watch like we wore years ago.  It has been skeletonized, where the frame that holds all the gears and escapement wheel have been cut away to showcase the "tick tock" movement.

This particular movement is a Japanese Citizen Miyota, from the popular Citizen watch folks.  Invicta purchases these movements and installs them into the watches that they make.  The watch was also available in a Gold plated version, but I had to search my soul to decide which was nicer.  In the end the silver color is more subdued and does not stand out as much, so I ordered it.

This is also called an automatic, as it is self winding while you wear the watch.  The movement of your arm causes a weight to swing around in the back of the dial, and that winds the spring.  Because of the skeleton design, there is no date wheel or other complications that when skeletonized would obscure the moving gears.  It is just a simple three hand watch.

It is kind of fun to sit and watch the big second hand go around smoothly, and not jump from minute to minute, as we have become used to with the quartz movements.  I know I am nuts to sit and watch an escapement wheel swing back and forth, but so be it!

We hope to have a big grand kid weekend here this weekend, as they are out of school on spring break.  I wonder if I am up to it?  Happy St Patty's day!!!!

Retired Rod

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  1. Tick-tock! Tick-Tock! I see how that new watch could become somewhat intoxicating. I kind of like the idea of being able to see the inner workings though.


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