Thursday, March 3, 2011

Enjoying Wal Mart oil changes!

Lets see, where did today go?  I caught up on all the blogs that I didn't get read while we were traveling, and that was good for several hours.  Then I read some of the political book that I have been reading on for several months.

If I read a chapter a month, I will get it finished up sometime next year!  Its a rehash of the history that we all lived thru, and since we all know the story already, it doesn't seem exciting and new.

Mid afternoon, I decided to check on the battery charger on my wife's Ford Escape.  I purchased several of the battery minder chargers from Wal Mart, but did not have one on the Ford.  And of course the battery was way down when we got home.  I had one on the pickup truck and it started right up, so I moved it to the Escape.  Now at an amp and a half, it takes a couple of days to charge it back up, so we had just ignored it for the last two days.

Sure enough, the light had gone out indicating the battery was now fully charged.  And it started right up first try.  But that is when I noticed the change oil light was on.  Checking the little sticker in the windshield confirmed that we did need that oil change.

I wonder how I missed that last fall.  Usually I like to leave things with clean oil in them, but I had let that ball slip.  So after grabbing that sandwich that I get on most days, it was over to Wal Mart for their quick service.

There was no one in front of me in line, and they were just finishing up the cars in the bay.  The ticket writer was preoccupied at the desk for some reason, and I sat there eating my sack lunch.  I finished the lunch and still sat there.  A fellow pulled up in a car behind me, and got out and walked to the desk.  The ticket writer went immediately and walked right past my car and wrote up the guy behind me.

He then went back to his desk and ignored me again.  I got out and asked if he intended to help me.  He said ya in a minute.  Then a fellow came in with a flat tire, and he began to assist him.  I said I was going to go get the store manager and would be right back.  The fellow actually asked me why?

I don't have much luck with Wal Mart oil change service locations, but for some reason I keep going back.  I guess they are always taking cars, and the price is usually fairly cheap.  I think that my problem was with the last place, and this one will be different.

On the way home from the store, I noticed that they had put half of the last quart in a bag on the passenger floor.  But this car takes all 5 quarts.  Sure enough when I got home and checked the dip stick, the engine was half a quart low.  I had to go find a funnel and pour in the last of the quart in order for it to read full.

I might be saving $10 using Wal Mart, maybe, so why do I go thru this every time?

Retired Rod


  1. You were a lot more patient than I would have been. If that happens all the time, I don't know if the aggravation would be worth the ten bucks. :)

  2. Don't use them for oil changes, for one they won't do the truck because it has a fumoto valve on it, so If I don't do it at home it goes to Valvoline. Or some other quick change place where I can get Rotella oil. About the only thing I have found is Wal- Mart is the best place to buy tires, name brands and they are always cheaper, and with the road hazard ins. you can get one replaced anywhere in the country there is a Wal Mart. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. Rod, that's why I quit using the Walmart at 135th & 156th, poor service, long waits. I take my vehicles to the dealerships, usually competitive prices, much better service, faster and I am helping a local company exist instead of feeding the family of super wealthy elite. Did I say that???

    Louisburg Larry

  4. I don't see why you still go back to them. Surely you can find a local independent who needs the business and appreciates it, and who knows how to treat a customer with respect.

  5. I've never taken a vehicle to WalMart for service. After reading this post, I probably won't ever!

    There's an old saying Rod "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"!! I'm just sayin'!!

  6. We don't take our truck to Wal*Mart either. We take it to a dealer, if one is handy, and this last time it was cheaper than the quick change places are.

  7. I think No More Walmart is a done deal! Save yourself the stress-not worth it!

  8. The "JiffyLube" places around here are so fast, sometimes just 10 minutes, that it just isn't worth going to Walmart, and have to hang around for an hour.

    I hardly ever shop there anyway, as they don't have anything but processed food and Chinese goods.
    I certainly won't eat their meat which has been pumped full of chemicals to keep it red, as it is cut and packed in a different state.

    We haven't heard anything about Biscuit lately.

    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX


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